Privacy Policy:

Thank you so much for your visit to our website. Your privacy and your personal information are protected. Read this Privacy Policy for more details. This Privacy Policy outlines how we gather and use your personal information (under certain conditions).

Data that we collect:

We collect personal details such as your contact information (name, e-mail address, etc.) and billing/shipping information (credit card number, shipping address, visa card number, etc.) We take responsibility for all personal data that you provide us.

How we use your data?

We use the information that we collect to fulfill our commitments to you and to provide you with the service that you expect. This includes sending you information and offers for marketing purposes.

What information do we need to share with third parties?

VADESI may share your data, information with third party or affiliates of VADESI who perform services on our behalf or process authorized transactions. The data information we share with these companies to perform services on our behalf is protected.

Your account protection:
You will be asked to provide a personal password when creating an account on our website. For all future access to your account, you will be asked to use your chosen password. You are responsible for keeping your account and password confidential. VADESI reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in its lone discretion.

Your rights:

You are entitled to request that we have access to or process your personal data. You have the right to demand that any inaccurate, missing or irrelevant information in your data be corrected by us. You will have the right at any point to ask us to avoid using your personal details for direct marketing purposes.


We do our best to provide our site with accurate details. However, some web details may be incorrect, obsolete or incomplete in some cases. We apologize for such errors.


Cookies do not need to be accepted if you visit the site. We would like to point out, however, that only cookies are enabled when you use the ‘basket’ feature on the web and make an order. A cookie is a small text file which is saved and retrieved from your computer or mobile device during subsequent visits. To boost and simplify your visit, VADESI uses cookies. We do not use cookies to store or communicate data to third parties. You can easily erase cookies from your computer or mobile device using your browser.


This Privacy Policy can be changed at any time by publishing the amended terms and conditions on this section. Our business is continuously evolving, and to enhance our services and functionality, we will continue to introduce new features. So, the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy can also be changed.

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